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The Extraordinary Tales of Elmyr

The canon of rumors of how Elmyr was conceived and birthed into reality are far, wide, dark and detailed that's for sure. Some of the rumors involve exotic animal smuggling from Mexico, glue-sniffing, Ivy League educations gone wrong, Mad Scientist-ism and dysfunctional folk artists just to name a few outlandish scenarios floating around word of mouth. But, the rumor that is most believed and whispered of, is the one that starts just after Nam'. See times were different back then and a fella had to be highly creative when trying to procure enough nourishment to keep ones' body running much less, maintain a keen intellect. But, alas some clever fellows managed these tasks with abundance.

One of these gentlemen was an effeminate art forger by the name of Elmyr de Hory and the other was a rather young lackadaisical man who aimlessly stalked the scene of Little Five Points. But, on this particular day, admittedly drunkenly, the young man was rummaging through a dumpster behind an Atlanta restaurant looking for any half eaten burritos or day old donuts. When to his surprise and with a mouth caked in sour cream and cummin powder, he found a dirty rolled up canvas. Soon it was realized that the dumpster treasure he held in his burrito hand was an Elmyr de Hory - Pablo Picasso knockoff. An epiphany struck him like a lightning bolt: sell the fake Picasso, use the proceeds to start a badass restaurant/bar named Elmyr and serve booze, killer burritos and other fine Mexican cuisine. And that's what he did least that's what most people believe cause how could such a magical place exist without a magical explanation? Couldn't be just bank loans and credit scores... nah, it just might have something to do with unicorn tears.